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How We Work?

With the help of ANZ’s recruitment team you can outsource any office work in any field or profession.

Software developer, Engineering, Accounts, Law, Content writing, Architecture, Statistics, Graphics design, SEO, Data entry, Payroll, Medical billing, Virtual assistance, Bookkeeping, Transcription, Call center, Animation, Website designer, etc are just some of the jobs that can be outsourced with our offshore outsourcing company.

With ANZ recruitment team, you outsource your work by hiring a Virtual Employee.

A VirtualEmployee is simply an employee who works directly for you, although remotely from ANZ’s remote office situated in 3 Global locations in Europe and Asia.

You hire an employee not a freelancer

You work with the same virtual worker everyday for as long as you wish

  Your employee works only and directly for you

•  You can work with the same employee on a long-term basis

A Virtual Employee is a remote addition and extension of your local team/ company and so hiring a dedicated Virtual Employee is just like hiring a local employee. Although your employee works from ANZ’s remote office, it is you and not our outsourcing company who is in complete control,

You assign work and responsibilities to your remote staff

  • You instruct how your employee should complete, implement  and execute the work

  • Your Virtual Employee follows your instructions/ guidelines
  • You supervise/ monitor your employee's work
  • You provide any required training
  • You set project deadlines

How do you work with your offshore employee?

It is entirely your choice. You decide if your employee,

  • Works independently or closely/ collaboratively with you
  • Utilizes any computer hardware e.g. fax, scanner, web cam etc
  • Collaborates/communicates/ interacts with you via phone, Skype, email, video conferencing,remote PC software, internet collaboration tools etc

Infrastructureand hardware requirement:

To work for you remotely from the ANZ’s remote office, your employee shall be provided with thefollowing hardware,

  • New Dell or Hewlett Packard laptops or PCs with TFT monitors
  • Telephone with a local number from your country
  • Commonly used software, including Windows XP
  • Computer peripherals such as fax, scanner, printer, headset, web cam
  • Dual-screen PCs or laptops if the client requires the employee to have multiple tabs opened simultaneously


In addition, theANZ’s remote office is equipped with the following infrastructure,

  • Lease line internet connections for fast and stable internet connectivity
  • High-capacitygenerator for uninterrupted electricity supply
  • Servers for secure data storage
  • Large work stations
  • Air conditioning
  • Comfortableand spacious seating

ANZ’s remote office enables you to 

i) instruct 

ii) monitor

iii) collaborate,

iv) work directly with your remote employee, 

thereby enhancing the offshore outsourcing experience..


For the outsourcing and hiring process to work and be a success, ANZ provides the following additional logistical, legal, HR and managerial services,

HR executives and managers monitor and supervise your virtual employee's working at all times. ANZ’s physical presence also allows for,

  • A professional, administered and efficient office environment for your employee to work from
  • Immediate and real time assistance for you
  • Implementation of any of your directions
  • Management of your employee in accordance with your instructions
  • Resolution of any problems
  • Assurance that your employee is working efficiently
  • Regular checks and follow ups on employees
  • Physical observation of the entire outsourcing process at all times


Additional outsourcing benefits with ANZ International (Pvt) Ltd.

  • All employment tax, insurance, labor law and employee benefits are responsibilities of ANZ International (Pvt) Ltd. and not you
  • 24-hour client support department - a point of contact for you for immediate managerial  assistance
  • 24-houremployee technical and hardware support
  • HR services: employee assistance, attendance, payroll, leaves, administration, enforcement of   policies etc
  • Seniormanagement support, guidance and advice if required


If there are any other questions that you may have in relation to our service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Live chat support – they will get back to you ASAP.