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Shopping cart integration

We have set up membership sites for our clients. Sometimes they start out thinking they'll sell products or seminars or information. But sooner or later, they end up wanting a membership site.

Just what is a membership site? It's a site where you grant access to information and perhaps things like monthly live conference calls, or a CD that you mail out. In return your customer pays some sort of a monthly charge.

I've used several software platforms for membership sites including Vision Gate and aMember. I also have used 1Shoppingcart for recurring billing. I have integrated all these and other software packages as well.

Here is what I have found. All of them are fairly intensive in terms of backoffice. People forget their passwords. They email with problems accessing the site. They complain when we bill them. Despite all this, membership sites are wonderful. If you sell 100 new customers each month, you can add $1000 per month if you only charge $10 per month. And many people charge $97 per month or $197 per month, or even $397 per month. It depends upon what you are offering. You may be amazed at how quickly you can build up a large base of customers paying you a monthly charge.

I am very enthusiastic about membership sites, as you can tell. But the key is to do what you do best — create quality content, and make sure customers/members always have something new and valuable to look forward to. Then you outsource the membership site to another offshore company who can handle everything for you. Believe me, you will be thrilled to do the high value work and leave the drudgery to someone else!

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