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eCommerce website integration

I've been outsourcing for my clients for some time and I've seen some use websites and also things like Yahoo shops, and I've seen some clients migrate to shopping carts and primarily doing things on their own site.

I can see doing things both ways but what I want to do now is talk about ecommerce website integration.

There are pieces and applications that must be sewn together. For instance, there is at a minimum…

  • Credit card gateway
  • And sometimes Paypal
  • Shopping cart software
  • Getting your products set up as inventory
  • Customer service
  • Pre-sales chat and toll free calling
  • Post-sales support and returns and refunds and problems
  • Membership sites sometimes

There are often a number of vendors that have software or hosted software that has to work together. I can help you get all these pieces to work together.

  • A customer visits your site
  • The customers chats with a rep
  • The customer researches a product to buy
  • The customer orders
  • The order is processed
  • And shipped
  • And the customer handles any post-sales problems

There are really good solutions to all these and none of them are from one single company! You have to get your website set up and integrate with the pieces. This can be overwhelming which is why you need someone to help you with this.

And if you handle inventory, you need to integrate your website with your inventory and fulfillment.

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