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eCommerce Outsourcing

I'm speaking now to everyone who wants to build and run a business. This website explains how you can run your business so it isn't running you.It also explains how you can get someone else to take phone calls, handle emails, ship your product, handle returns, and speak to customers.

Why not make your life a lot easier by outsourcing? Ecommerce outsourcing:

Time for you to get smart about your businessWe can help you figure out how best to outsource. Save money and save time. And this works…if you sell through a website,if you provide a service through a websiteif you use shopping cart softwareif you think you want to build and run a membership site

We have discovered through long experience working with small businesses like yourself the mistakes to avoid and the things that you will want to make sure of doing when you outsource.

The secret is specializing in what you do best

At the risk of sounding overly simple, we have to tell you that it isn't any more complicated. Specialize. Do what you do well. It is the 80/20 rule. 20% of what you do produces 80% of the result. So find someone else to do this 80% while you focus on the 20% that nobody else in the world can do as well as you can.That means that in this website you will learn how to take the things that repeat, the boring and monotonous things. And you'll learn how to give them to someone else. While you minimize both cost and risk (I'm very interested in minimizing risk.)And you can focus on high value marketing and selling and the things that you do so well. That's the promise of ecommerce offshore outsourcing.