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eCommerce business solutions

Some tasks are perfect for outsourcing and some are not.

Let's take an example. Say you are running a business that sells specialty tennis clothes over the web.

You will need some things set up. You may not be familiar with shopping cart software and ordering processes, return processing and customer service issues. But many offshore outsourcing companies are very familiar with that. It's all I do, for instance.

So you can get someone to help you set this up.

Then there is running it.

Do you want to take phone orders? I suggest it. But that means someone has to be there to answer the phone.

Do you want to offer chat for people thinking about buying who have a question? Again, I suggest it. But who will be on the other end of the chat window? You won't have time and you can't be everywhere at the same time.

Then there are always issues when an order is placed. Sometimes people end up with two or three duplicate orders. Or they change their minds. Or they've ordered the wrong thing. Who will eyeball the orders before they are shipped?

And speaking of shipment…who will have the labels printed? Who will deal with making sure that what was shipped was actually what was ordered?

And when the customer gets her order, what if she has a problem? The problems tend to fall into predictable buckets. In fact everything I've mentioned is quite predictable if you are dealing with this all the time with many different companies, as I am.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Ecommerce business solutions can let you have someone else deal with all of this and hopefully almost as well as you can and in many cases even better than you can.

And if you are paying attention you realize a lot of what I've discussed is integrating your shopping cart system with all the other pieces — perhaps shopping cart and for credit card processing. Perhaps shopping cart integration with your fulfillment company.

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